Newton Plus - Fast Square Root algorithm for large numbers - Worlds fastest?

Built: November 2020 - December 2021

Detecting Infinite Loops

Can we detect if a finite program will hault and get stuck in a loop? Yes we can as long as the program does not have infite memory. What are some possible good methods to do this. Note: I did no prior research into this so no references.

Built: August 2019

Understanding the very basics...Bits!

In this video, I experiment with the basic building blocks of everything - bits. I show that math functions such as division, multiplication, and calculating Pi can be done with just OR and NOT logic gates. Note: I did no prior research into this so no references.

Built: August 2018

GCN Assembler for AMD GPUs

Worlds first open source and directly usable AMD GCN GPU compiler.

The first open source assembler/compiler written in C# .net.

It had some good ideas for an asm complier:



Built: February 2015


This was a nice program called CudaPAD that had asm in a right side vertical windows and the source c++ code on the left side vertical window. This was the first of its kind - so I guess I invented it. Just a few years later another gentlemen, Matt Godbolt, had a simular idea and created GCC explorer (later named to Compiler Explorer). Seeing the popularity of this I guess I should have stuck with my CudaPAD!

Worlds First side-by-side code to Asm... t

What is CudaPAD?

Built: December 2008